GeniiTAS Metabolomic
monitoring platform

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Decode complex biology with metabolomic monitoring

The GeniiTAS is a miniaturized NMR spectrometer integrated with powerful software tools that automatically interpret the chemistry of life, i.e., metabolomics. With the GeniiTAS platform, Bitome hopes to radically advance humanity’s ability to design living systems, enabling biotechnologies to reach markets faster and deliver outsized value for society.

Measure what Matters

The intuitive GeniiTAS platform delivers in-process metabolite analysis with near real-time monitoring of cell culture media. Continuous metabolite monitoring provides new perspectives into the mechanisms of life, generally, and cell physiology, specifically. Importantly, Bitome’s technology has been designed from the ground up to ensure it can be deployed with equipment already available in every culturing environment. Our goal is to bring scalable metabolite monitoring to the world and unleash exponential rates of biotech innovation.

Reinventing benchtop productions

Modular workhorse
for research through production

Synthetic biology

In the build-test-learn process, testing is a bottleneck. The GeniiTAS eliminates this bottleneck with continuous metabolomic monitoring, providing the fastest path to production ready organisms in synthetic biology.

Cell & gene therapy manufacturing

For your T cell to realize its potential, it needs to be characterized. GeniiTAS provides a metabolic phenotype directly linked to a cell's function and genotype. Let Bitome help make your therapy a reality.

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