Molecular testing
meets data science.

Metabolomics… the other omic science.

Metabolomics involves the study of hundreds to thousands of metabolites in biological samples. Statistical and multivariate analyses techniques applied to massive metabolome data sets isolate unique biomarkers key to biological pathways and mechanisms of action. These biomarkers provide novel metabolic pathway insights and, combined with other omic data, a complete systems approach to understanding biology and disease. However, historically, the metabolomics workflow has been a highly segmented process due to limitations in availability of appropriate analytical equipment. Bitome has built a platform that overcomes this challenge and integrates the entire post-processing analysis into a single solution.

AI-Powered  MicroNMR Platform

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is arguably the most powerful technique in the chemist’s toolbox – providing a method to study the nature of matter. Bitome has redesigned the classical NMR spectrometer from the ground-up, resulting in a cost-effective, fully automated, and intuitive tool. When combined with AI-powered data analytics, interpretation of complex molecular information becomes as easy as pushing a button. Bitome’s platform opens a ‘metabolomic window’ into the cellular world: fundamentally changing how we understand biology.